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It’s Produce Pandemonium! Fruits and Vegetables are upset because kids aren’t making them half of their plate. They take to the streets to protest and get kids to have healthier, stronger bodies. So join Cris P. Broccoli, Slim, the bone building, fight fighting carton of milk, and Mighty Muscles for a fun-filled learning experience! Read more.

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“A healthier community- one audience at a time”

Kaiser Permanente Educational Theatre has been teaching healthier living to Metro Atlanta since 1995. During that time, we’ve reached over 1 million people with empowering messages to improve health. We’ve invited kids to Give Peas a Chance and find out What’s In That Lunch, Anyway? We’ve helped adults discover ways to be Acting on Stress. Preschoolers have listened and learned safety lessons through Mumferd’s Safety Tales, and teens learned about HIV prevention and the impact of choices through Secrets. All presented free of charge to metro Atlanta as a community benefit of Kaiser Permanente Health Plans.

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bettp Bett Potazek
Artistic Supervisor

Bett Potazek has been with Kaiser Permanente Educational Theatre Programs since 1997 and has been an Educator Artist since 1986. She has a diverse theatre background focusing on performing, directing and costuming. Bett has written several of ETP’s productions including Give Peas a Chance, Fragments, Uncle Gherkin’s Magical Show, and Acting on Stress.

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